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Relieve the emotions of Dan Brown's novel in its authentic historical locations in Florence

Priority Entry | Visit duration: approx. 1 hour | Barrier-free access | No flash photography

Immerse yourself in the story of Dan Brown's bestselling novel Inferno and follow the footsteps of its main character, Robert Langdon, investigating Florence's darkest secrets. This Dan Brown's Inferno book tour gives you access to Palazzo Vecchio Museum, where the story takes place, and its majestic Hall of the Five Hundreds. Hear about stories of power and intrigue between fiction and reality, and marvel at the hidden artifacts mentioned in the novel, like Dante's Death Mask and the six-foot-tall globe Mappa Mundi.

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Monday – Sunday: tours at 10:30 am, 2:00 pm, and 4:30 pm

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Closing Days: 1st Sunday of every month

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"The Old Palace resembles a giant chess tower. With its solid square façade and cobbled staircases, the building is located on the south-east corner of the Signoria square."

So Dan Brown writes in his latest best-seller, “Inferno”, set in Florence and largely in Palazzo Vecchio. So, following the steps of Professor Robert Langdon, the audience will be able to get to know her story by reliving the settings, scenes and novels. Public halls - but also the most secret environments - become a theater of research, chases and staged scenes focused on a precise work:

"Here we are, finally ... He was expecting to be in the likeness of Dante's death, but all that He saw the teak red satin lining and the support he was usually hanging on the mortuary mask."

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